CPAs, Bookkeepers & Tax Preparers:
TALK is perfect for the small business or sales person.
TALK Ledger provides you (and your clients) a simple phone-to-spreadsheet bookkeeping and expense system.
Do you want business clients that look like this one?
TALK is in search of accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparation offices who are interested in residual income from mid-sized businesses in their local area. However, we can only work with one firm in a market area – therefore the details are available by invitation only.
If you would like to know more please complete this form and the TALK founder will reply within 2 to 4 hours.
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Pro Advisor Interest Form
PS If your market area has already been taken, we will let you know.
PSS If we have prospective clients in your area and no current firm to work with, KC Truby will forward you the E-Book (in PDF format) explaining the opportunities in helping mid-sized companies wipe out reconciliation. TALK accomplishes this by providing white labeled expense and payables debit cards and a phone app to capture the purpose of transactions in real time for each of the company’s employees.