CPAs, Bookkeepers & Tax Preparers:
give the gift that keeps on giving!
TALK Ledger provides you (and your clients) a simple phone-to-spreadsheet bookkeeping and expense system that’s perfect for the small business or sales person. It even tracks mileage in seconds.
There is no software to pay for and no learning curve. You simply…
Take a picture of the receipt, check or invoice that comes in the mail, etc.
Talk for 10 seconds about the transaction
Next April you’ll have all your client’s transactions coded & organized in a clean spreadsheet with the supporting documentation & details attached. Put an end to extensions and clients overpaying taxes due to poor record keeping.
Try TALK Ledger yourself! If you love it send us an email to ask about giving it away as a premium to build your firm.
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Clicking here will give you an accountant-specific subscription at no extra cost. The app you install will function exactly as a normal business owner app, but the back-end web portal (where the P & L spreadsheet is kept) will allow you to view the ledgers of anyone you invite!